sound trumpets!
let our bloody colours wave!
And either victory, or else,
a grave


content and activity

We want everyone who joins GORE or who reads our content to have a good time and leave with a positive impression of us. There is no restricted content on GORE, but we do ask that you use trigger warnings, tags, and content warnings site wide for sensitive content. We've compiled a list of common tags / trigger warnings below. If there is a trigger warning you'd like to see added to this list you can message any member of staff with zero explanation and we will add it for you.

Rape and Sexual Assault, Abuse, Child Abuse / Pedophilia, Animal Cruelty / Death, Self-Injury, Suicide, Violence, Sexual Content, Incest, Kidnapping, Death / Dying, Miscarriage / Abortion

There is no word count on GORE, we encourage you to rp how you feel best suits your style, whether that is 100 word rapid fire posts or longer, introspective replies. This doesn't mean we don't care about the quality of your writing, we consider ourselves an advanced site and reserve the right to accept characters on the basis that they reflect the level of skill we're looking for.

We hope that flexible post lengths mean you'll be able to post regularly. Right now we are implementing an activity rule of one post per character per two weeks, provided you don't have an absence posted; we get it, we're all adults here and life can get in the way. We don't want to drive anyone off because they're in a rough spot or under a time crunch. If you're going to be gone or unable to post just let us know- either by posting an absence or chatting with a staff member. (If, however, regular absences and inconsistent activity become a problem and you're playing a main canon staff may reach out to you to discuss what level of activity you can reasonably commit to).

out of character

Our discord server is located here, it's guest friendly and we encourage everyone to (1) join and make friends and (2) keep up to date with mini-announcements and plot updates. Here, you'll find a list of rules that are discord-specific that boil down to: be kind, be courteous, don't be an asshole. They should be easy to follow. We expect that you'll take these rules seriously and carry them through to all of your interactions on GORE. Important! If you're finding that someone is being an asshole or is doing anything that makes you or someone else uncomfortable or feel unwelcome please come to us. The same goes for any issues you might have. We want everyone to be comfortable here and will take your complaints seriously.

your character / application

We allow both canon and original characters, and there is no rule as to how many named canons a person can play. All we ask is that you be mindful of prospective members and hoarding canons for the sake of their names without actively playing or plotting. We also ask that you keep plotting in general in mind while choosing characters and refrain from playing characters that are closely connected (multiple members of the same family, Lily Evans and one of the Marauders). Since there is so much room for flexibility in character creation we ask that, if at all possible, you do not duplicate character names.

On GORE there are canons and main canons, these characters are denoted on the canon list and include characters who are either highly sought after or who are integral to our site plot or a site subplot. If you're applying for a main canon make sure you read the relevant site lore or other applications before submitting yours for review. Likewise, if you're applying for any character that is canonically connected to an existing character (note: this can mean site-canon specifically, which may be different from the books or movies) we reserve the right to get approval from both the staff and the person your character is connected to before accepting your application.

In general, the face you pick for your character should be a famous face within five years +/- the age of your character. We accept actors / models / musicians with high quality photos / editorial work.

Some extra bits and bobs to remember: register your account with your characters first and last name in all lowercase, once you've finished your application please bump your shipper (remember to fill your shipper out too before you bump!), if your character has been pended you have 3 days to make changes unless you've talked it over with a staff member, we reserve the right to pend or deny your application if it's clear you haven't read the plot or specific site lore, once you've made two characters you must have 20 posts on each account before making a third (note: this includes shipper posts, IC posts, as well as notes).